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Why Advertising On Google

Google is the biggest advertising platform in the world, they dominate the market with over 80%. The first 3 google search results on a page are paid google ads, millions of people are using it monthly to put their products and services in front of the public eyes. There are also other types of google ads like display ads, ads on you tube and gmail inbox. 

google ads
google ads

Successful Campaigns

After your ad is planed and launched and everything is set for a successful Adwords campaign you will be charged only when someone clicks on your search or display ad. 

Advantage of Google ads is the possibility to target directly the people searching for your keywords and who are interested in your offer. All the data is trackable and therefor we can easily retarget and scale the ad performance. This also makes it possible to measure the costs, adjust and achieve higher profit.

How to get started

First you will need to have a professional website, landing page or e-commerce page where you can send traffic to. If you do not have one yet visit our web design page to get one. If you do, the next step is to create a google ads account then set up your campaign with all the relevant targeting options for your business, keywords and budget. 

google ads

Our Work Process

First we will analyse your website to make sure that it fulfils the technical requirements and the design is also properly done because google will not allow to run your ad due to poor website quality.

In step 2 we will set up a google analytics account. If you already have one we will analyse it to see if it is worth to optimise or just create a new one.

We set up your campaign with all the relevant data like services and products you want to promote, demographics. We will also decide which ad type we will apply for the start.

We will set up the tracking metrics and launch the campaign.

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