Facebook Ads

Targeted social media ads to sell your products and services

Why Advertising on Facebook

There are over 2 billion users on Facebook which makes it the biggest social media platform. You can target this people very precise offering them relevant post ads and content they are interested to entice them to click or purchase. The clicks are most of the time cheaper then advertising on google thus it makes Facebook ads affordable for lower budget companies.

Facebook Ads
Facebook ads

Cost Effective Ads With Facebook

Post from friends and family are prioritised on social media platforms especially on Facebook so organic reach is constantly declining. On the other side paid ads are guarantied to be seen by your chosen audience. 

Social media marketing is cost effective because you only pay when someone clicks your ad (PPC) and the average cost per click is $1,50 way cheaper than traditional advertisement. It also allows you to retarget people who visited your site and which are more likely to convert for less thus increasing your ROI.

Free Features Included In Your Ad

Website Audit

Business Page

Business Manager

Our Work Process

We take a look at your business page if you do not have one we will create it first just like a landing page where you want to send your visitors to. 

After linking your business page to the business manager we start creating the campaign and the ads,  the content, pictures, videos, the ad copy. 

We will track the performance of the ad campaign, evaluate it and use the data to adjust, retarget and scale. 


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